February felt pretty uneventful but the older I get the more I love and appreciate uneventful. Because you know what they say.. no news is good news. I did get Ryan some tickets to a spring training game in AZ- we went down there for the last weekend in Feb and it was so much fun and so good for my mental. Lolz. And Ryan got me tickets to go see wicked! And I must say.. it lives up to the hype. I know I’m like 10+yrs late to wicked but I finally jumped on that train and it was so good! Also, so proud of myself for throwing all these pics up every month hahah

Sonny teaching Wells how to bat was truly the cutest/best part of our Arizona weekend

My cute little bed mate!!
Love my buddy boy

puppy hungry

Can’t stop laughing at this

My fav fav fav

Golden hour

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