I’m just going to start posting monthly recaps. Nothing aesthetically stunning bc I don’t have time for that right now. Jk I probably do and should be better about blogging vs. just documenting. But not today. hahah. So, Here are our highlights from the month.

We were sick a lot this month. like, A LOT. I think my boys have thrown up more during january 2019 than they have in their entire lives. haha. It was bad. But we’ve been healthy for almost an entire week so it’s all good! I hope. We played outside in the snow, had a lot of cozy days inside, spent time at fun indoor play areas and I also tried to sort through and organize different areas of our house this month- which felt AWESOME. We took this month slow and I tried to enjoy and soak up my boys vs. just dread and wish the month away – which I’ve done in the past because January can be hard! But this one felt good! Not physically but mentally. Hahah.

Sonny earned his alphabet crown at preschool! He knows all the letters and sounds and we’re so proud of him! He worked hard to learn all of those letters and sounds. He’s obsessed with passing the football with Ryan, still the sweetest little friend and brother, he can write his name so well and he’s obsessed with short sleeve T’s and shorts- maybe another reason we’ve gotten so sick lately. haha

Wells has been talking up a storm, forming the cutest little sentences. When he’s eating something and I ask if he’s done he’ll say “no, love it!” hahah. He’s obsessed with blueberries! Which idk how because no one else in our fam likes them so we never buy them but we’ve been getting them just for Wells. He also loves yogurt. He’s obsessed with Sonny and copies everything Sonny does/wears! We also cut off all of his hair and he thinks it’s great! I feel indifferent.

Sick 😦
watching the snow while sick 😦
I got this rug for Christmas and he was soo obsessed for a few weeks. then he got over it hahah
when you slow down your shutter speed to try to capture some SUNSHINE
I love sonny’s smile in this one!
prettiest fruit
my joy!
his hand on my hand. i die
need to get Ryan in the frame more!
**parenthood haha everyone wants daddy’s attention
cut off all of Wells hair! aw! handsome boy!
Sonny’s reward for earning his alphabet crown!! cutest jack in the box


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