March was fun and emotional because Quint left on his mission this month. Before he left, we went to st. george for a weekend so we could spend some quality time with him and then he left and we went back to st. george to distract ourselves from feeling sad. hahah. but all we could think about was how we had just been there with him. haha. It totally backfired but I LOVE ST.GEORGE so it’s fine. The red rock in southern Utah is unreal, I love it so much. The colors of Southern Utah could be the color pallet to my life, I’m obsessed. 

March was also cool because we finally felt the warmth of the sun on our skin again after the loooong winter months. 

also, I need to be better at writing down quotes/stories about my boys because It makes me sad how quickly time flies and how fast I forget.

Wells is currently scared out of his mind of bugs– it’s soo funny. Anytime a bug crawls on him- he will scream bloody murder. 

Sonny is so good at sports and extra obsessed lately. We were outside shooting hoops with his little tikes hoop when I asked him “what will you give me if I make this shot?” he says “a new shirt” (hahah) I say “where from” he says “zara!” haha. I have taught him well and his future wife will thank me. okurrr


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