Isn’t it confusing when lotion dries out skin and flares up eczema?? I think so. Sonny has always had really bad eczema and it doesn’t help that we live in a super dry climate. I never really paid much attention to what I was using on my own skin (scary) until I had Sonny. I have become more aware of the ingredients in scented lotions and body washes just because we have to be super sensitive with Sonny’s skin.
When we received a few products from Erbaviva, we instantly fell in love! As I was browsing their website I learned some of these scary facts that I didn’t know

“The average woman absorbs 2KG of chemicals into her body from conventional cosmetics every year!”

“The average child is exposed through conventional body care products to at least 27 chemicals a day, including some associated with cancer, brain and nervous system damage, allergies and hormone disruption.” 


this organic baby butter is my favorite! it’s so yummy





I got my overalls from h&m awhile ago but they have really similar ones here and my layering tee here




ryan takes pics with me and I watch football with him #compromise
Sonny’s leg! HAHA. crazy chicken


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