4th of july

I’m don’t know if I’m sad that I only took 5 photos or happy because we were obviously having too much fun to even notice.

The 4th is the best! It’s probably my second favorite holiday next to Christmas. I feel so grateful for our freedoms and for those who have sacrificed and continue to do so.
“Land of the free because of the brave.” I stumbled across that saying a few times this 4th and I love it.

Our little 4th of July tradition has been the hot air balloons. It’s always an exhaustingly good time.. starting our day off at 5:30am! We come home to nap and then go to my extended family party which was fun and hot – still regretting not getting any photos of the first half of our day (wah) next year, next year. Afterwards we drove to my parents and I spotted this cute red, white and blue wall so we pulled over. And while Wells was snoozing in the back, Ryan snapped a few photos out the car window. hahah We ended the evening up at Ryan’s parents which was the perfect ending to a great 4th.


these three own me!


the reality of taking a photo with a toddler
fireworks at 5pm wasn’t super thrilling for them. jk it was. they were nervous
I was all excited to document the viewing of his first smoke bomb. hahah. he wasn’t a fan. (not hurt just scared)



Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
my talented sister in law captured this photo and I’m obsessed with it! These two hooligans in a summer daze



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