I keep asking myself why I don’t have any photos of Sonny and I. So I set out specifically to get some and here’s a post to confirm exactly why I have none. hahah Two year olds are the best and the craziest. Actually three year olds might be crazier because as we get closer to Sonny’s third birthday, the more wild he seems to be getting?? haha ohhh boy. 

  • Lately, whenever he sees a flag outside he says.. “Look mom that flag is shaking”
  • We play the I spy game and he says.. “I spy little my eye” instead of “I spy with my little eye”
  • Whenever we sit down to eat dinner he says.. “Thanks Brin”
  • He’ll do just about anything for a marshmallow
  • Tries to bargain his way out of bedtime every night by saying.. “I’ll just watch basketball with dad”
  • He’s still fiercely obsessed with Ry and it’s cute

We drove up the canyon with my friend Carlee and her cute little boy Rocky. Sonny and Rocky are about the same age, Carlee and I actually met when we were both pregnant with them. It’s been fun taking them on all sorts of crazy adventures. Like getting lost and ending up on ATV trails in a car, without service, in the middle of nowhere type crazy.

Exhibit A


Long johns



checking for poops or mid tantrum? you’ll never know