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Social media is so fun and weird. It’s just a window into everyone’s lives and everyone chooses to showcase a different room. Sometimes I question my Instagram posts because I want to show more than my perfect front room – I want everyone to see that the rest of my house can get pretty messy because that’s life and it’s never perfect.

So, I’ve been trying to express more freely the frustrations and struggles of motherhood because I feel like I’m in the thick of it with a threenager and a busy one year old (whom I refer to as my ER child because he crazy – like I’m just holding my breath until he does some crazy stunt that’ll send us straight to the ER) hahah.

Anyways, life is hard (for everyone) and this year has been especially nuts for us. Which has made me think about how I’m perceived solely based off of social media. I would hope that I can come across as genuine and real even if my photos sometimes seem like front room photos. I’m trying to show more of my messy family room.

But how cheesy is my metaphor? I know, who cares, just go with it.

sweet soul


my jacket is here


If I could describe Wells in one pic


my handsome boy!!
love them so much


picture frames here


tasting snow for the first time with maime – he was into it


my hat is here
Sonny was telling me something super serious


7 thoughts on “social media

  1. I completely agree with your message. I never know how I’m portraying myself to others. Well said! May I also ask what camera you have? I am in the market for one and your pictures are incredible!


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