Wells turns ONE

Wellsy turned ONE today and it was exciting and emotional. We love this busy boy so much! His day was perfect even though he had no idea what was going on. hahah.

Wells is sweet, friendly, smiley, easy going and a crazy busy body – he has us laughing all the time. His first word was ball, he learned how to crawl in April, he’s still working on walking and has not been weaned yet – holla’ (hahah) weaning probs.

scroll on for hospital photos and emotions HA

rise and shine birthday babe
angel boy


I love this one of these two. I love it. I love it. I love it!
Sonny’s face is both funny and sad. But he ended up playing with all of Wells’ new toys more than Wells did – so it’s all good


little boy.. big balloon
hated this birthday hat but it was so cute



5O0B8051 9.38.04 AM

we ended the day with dinner and cake with family


The experience in the hospital was 1000x different than my experience with Sonny – of course it was though, right? funny how you think it’s going to be the same??

I was emotional our entire hospital stay because I could not stop thinking about Sonny at home. I wish I would’ve gotten more photos but I couldn’t hang. When we first had Wells he was having a really hard time breathing – so that was really scary. We got a few photos when he was first born and I hate looking at them because he was purple, struggling and it brings up all the panicked feelings we were experiencing at the time. They immediately whisked him away and Ryan went with him. So, I didn’t really get to see him right after I delivered – which was hard. But I am soo grateful everything was okay!

We were there for two days and Sonny would always come and visit – which was emotional because he was not a fan of his new baby bro. We felt anxious to get home so we could all be together as a family although it was nice to have some alone time to soak up our new baby. When we got home our adjustment to two kids begun and it was a wild ride but after one year we’ve finally arrived. It was so crazy and emotional but worth every tear. These two make us so happy and we couldn’t love them and their little relationship more!

Sonny touching his new baby brother!
Sonny would not look at Wells. Ah it was hard! BUT IT GET’S BETTER

IMG_8605IMG_8613IMG_8607-2IMG_8615IMG_8630Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

sweet little peanut


left the hospital bands on for forever

IMG_8905IMG_8908Processed with VSCO with 3 presetIMG_9103

Processed with VSCO with 3 preset
first time Sonny held Wells! aw. my heart

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