last Christmas

Leading up to this Christmas has made me think so much about last Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favorite, favorite, FAVORITE! The spirit in the air during the holiday season is amazing and the absolute best feeling in the world, I feel like the love of Christ is so prevalent. Everyone is trying to be more kind, loving, forgiving, and thoughtful – thinking of others before ourselves. We are all trying to be more Christlike (maybe without even knowing it) and that’s why there’s such a special spirit.

I always thought Christmas as a child could never be topped, but it turns out having kids on Christmas is way better. Like 10 million times better! We get SO excited to see our boys’ faces light up when they walk downstairs but honestly the entire season is so magical – not just Christmas day.

These family photos were actually taken just a few days before Christmas last year. And I love them so much. Maybe they’re the reason for this post – just an excuse to share them. idk.

CHRISTMAS EVE!! with a candy cane face to match the jammies



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